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At Yeast We Tried!

Rising before the dawn, this month we attempted to find our inner bakers and prepare a sumptuous pastry-laden brunch. We're still looking.

Check out our special foodscapes page for close-up images of some of our favorite ingredients.
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Flummoxed by a vague description of the consistency of dough required when making croissants, and coming up with a dough too soft to properly enclose our cold, hard butter, we created little French monsters that looked like many things, none of them particularly croissant-esque.

Slightly more true to form, but rather bland and disappointing all the same, were our chilaquiles. Four jalapenos later, and they were mild as mother's milk. But you can't beat deep-fried tortilla strips in tomato sauce with cheese.

Almond Buns

Purportedly a Swedish Lenten treat, our almond buns started with rounds of cinnamon- and cardamom-spiced almond-flecked dough.

The rolls were filled with a paste made of egg white, confectioners' sugar and ground almonds.

If that wasn't enough, the almond goo, as we affectionately named it, was topped off with some sweetened whipped cream.

Picture perfect in the windowsill!