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Dinner on us!  

Join us on our occasionally fraught, but always fruitful, culinary adventures in our monthly cooking podcast, The Hapless Gourmands! Stacey and Stephen explore the wilds of the kitchen, attempt to satiate their gastronomic desires, and inflict their experiments on their friends. It's a dinner party in a podcast - recipes, conversation, barely recovered disasters, and triumphs of the tastebuds in the kitchen and at the table!

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Never subscribed to a podcast before? Here's how! All you need is some subscription software to get started. (If you have iTunes, you're already set.) There's a fab piece of freeware called Juice, which you can download in a jiffy! Then, subscribe to our feed by cutting and pasting the URL above into your new toy. The software will automatically scan our feed and download any new episodes of Hapless onto your computer, where you can listen to them at your desktop, or download them to your portable MP3 player!