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Rockettes and a Road Trip

We hit the road this holiday season, traveling to Nashville to try some local cuisine and take in a show.

Check out our special foodscapes page for close-up images of some of our favorite ingredients.
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This dinosaur in Kentucky gave us hope, but, alas, we were unable to secure any tyrannosaurus BBQ in Tennessee.

A friendly reminder from the Bible belt. Good thing Stephen kept his hands on the wheel.

The Opryland Hotel in all it's Christmas splendor. We saw innumberable trees, nativities, greenery, and other decorations and no less than three ongoing weddings in our half-hour walking tour of the complex, which reminded us of Disneyland merged with Vegas.

Oh, there was food. Plenty of it. The meat and sides at Jack's BBQ in downtown Nashville kept us warm and happy for hours on end. Stacey likes the creamed corn.

The famed Loveless Cafe, just south of Nashville, knows how to bribe their clientele with warm flaky biscuits and preserves. Good thing, or we'd've been mighty cranky after the long wait to get in.

Mmm...BBQ. Though the foodies we consulted agreed that the best BBQ was not to be had in the environs of Nashville (please!), we enjoyed several helpings of porky goodness.