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Bao Wow!

This month we whipped up a six course Chinese meal in under two hours with the help of Fuchsia Dunlop's latest - Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook: Recipes from Hunan Province.

Check out our special foodscapes page for close-up images of some of our favorite ingredients.
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making steamed pork buns
Our dua jiao xiao bao, or spicy steamed pork buns, are filled with pork and salted chiles, a condiment unique to Hunan province.
pork buns in steamer
Sealed tightly in a simple yeasted dough, the buns await cooking in the steamer.
toasted rice
Long-grain and glutinous (sweet) rice are toasted before being ground in the food processor.
fish in rice meal
The coarsely ground rice grains coat the white fish and are nestled in a lotus leaf for steaming.
red chile peppers
Red chile peppers add color and a bit of heat to Hunan cooking.
slivered daikon radish
The surprise favorite of the evening was an omelet filled with fine slivers of daikon radish.