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Just in Casing

Traditional Spanish cuisine, taken from Penelope Casas' book The Food and Wines of Spain delighted all our senses this month!

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Our first attempt at making our own sausage was a fantastic success!

*1* 65 feet of hog intestine preserved in salt fit nicely into a small plastic bin. *2* After tying a knot in the end, Stephen inflates the casing to test for holes. *3* We stuffed our sausages with the aid of Stacey's very old, yellow funnel. *4* The long sausage awaits twisting and tying to form smaller links.
*5* Our creations hung to dry for 24 hours in the cool kitchen. *6* Upon cooking, perfectly stuffed sausages will not burst or split. *7* Meanwhile, we marinated figs overnight in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices.

Below: The final dish, sausages with sweet and sour figs, was the hit of the evening. Delicious warm sausages paired beautifully with soft, spiced and tangy figs.

Though the ingredients can be expensive, paella is simple to make. First cook onion, chorizo, ham, peas and rice on the stove with saffron infused broth...

...then add chicken and shellfish and and finish in the oven.

Chorizo, perhaps the most common sausage in Spanish cuisine, is sliced and ready for the paella.

Stephen's tortilla, an omelet made with onion and potatoes, is a thing of beauty served hot or cold.

Our Spanish meal was rounded out with Sangria, a mixture of red wine, sugar, fruit and a bit of soda.