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Armed with a cookbook more historical than gastronomical, we attempted a meal of Transylvanian cuisine.

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Strudel with homemade phyllo!


A phantastic...

No dessert, but there was other food to eat. A meaty casserole made from heaps of sauerkraut, sausage, bacon, pork and rice.

Our boiled potato dumplings disintegrated on contact with the water, so we salvaged the remainder, fried them, and called them croquettes.

We bought honey vodka from a Polish liquor store on a whim, but then made the near-fatal error of attempting to turn it into a cocktail. The result was our Illyrian Margarita, a concoction of a number of things, served over rocks in a glass with a salted rim.

The tastiest dish was the chicken with kohlrabi. Chicken on the bone and tender kohlrabi were pan cooked in a roux-thickened sauce flavored with garlic and dill.