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In honor of our soon-to-be-newlywed friends, we tackled traditional wedding foods from around the world.

Check out our special foodscapes page for close-up images of some of our favorite ingredients.
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pate a choux in the pot
A tower of cream puffs has its humble beginnings in a dough of flour, salt, sugar, water and butter mixed over medium heat in a saucepan until thick and relatively dry.

piped cream puff pastry dough
The individual puffs, or choux, are piped onto a baking sheet.
choux pastry in the mixer
The dough is transferred to a mixer and blended with eggs until it achieves a smooth, moist consistency.

cream puffs baking
When baked they puff, forming a crispy exterior and hollow interior ready to be filled with pasty cream.
fifty cream puffs to be filled
It takes fifty small cream puffs to make a croquembouche.
boiling sugar
The glue that holds the puffs together is caramel cooked to the hard crack stage.
building a croquembouche
Laying the foundation.
choux puff tower
The tower rises.
cream puff creation
Voila! The completed croquembouche.
challah bread
She's come undone! Our challah looked something like a roasted chicken.
red snapper
Our snapper, standing in for sea bream, a traditional Japanese wedding banquet dish, started out a thing of beauty.
scaling a fish
fish bones
Here, kitty, kitty!